Information for speakers at the "Greentech" 2024 conference

Speakers at the conference are asked to bring the presentation on Disk on Key and are asked to deliver the presentations to the staff in the plenary session hall at least an hour before their lecture.

If you are combining audio or video files please inform the staff in the plenary hall.

**You can bring a laptop as a backup only.

Important notice for MAC users– To use presentations from MAC computers on a computer compatible with WINDOWS, the presentation must be prepared according to the above instructions before bringing it to the speaker’s room.

Use a common font such as ARIAL, VERDANA, NEW TIMES ROMAN, etc. (special font may change to default)

Add image files in JPEG only.

Use a common video format such as MPV, DMV only.

A MAC laptop can be used, but please bring an adapter for an external video signal and bring it for testing when you arrive at the conference. In addition, give the presentation to the staff in the hall of your plenary session, at least half an hour before.