Greentech" Professional Tours"

Renewable energy is clean energy derived from natural sources and replenished at a higher rate than it consumed. The major types or sources of renewable energy are:

  • Solar energy from the sun
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower from flowing water
  • Geothermal energy from the heat inside the earth
  • Biomass from plants

Renewable energy has been the energy source most resilient to economic downturns, unexpected changes in supply and demand, or, as seen recently, in the case of strict pandemic measures.

The nations have adopted wind and solar as the most popular sources of sustainable energy. “Greentech” will showcase and discuss the recent developments in these energy technologies.

As part of the event, a professional tour is organized on October 11th, 2023, in:

  • Ma’ale Gilboa Renewable Energy WindFarm – Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa has been researching wind energy since the 1980s. The wind turbine farm in the Gilboa mountains is a pioneering and innovative project for generating electricity from green energy sources using modern wind turbines. The Wind Farm is an extremely complex and highly challenging engineering project. Connected to the grid in 2016, the Ma’ale Gilboa and Ramat Sirin farms, with their 25 wind turbines, produce around 22MW of clean green electricity.
    • The tour opens with a spectacular view of the Valley of the Springs, a film about the power of the wind, tour large wind turbines and see the facilities for solar power generation, get to know the possibility of energy production from the farm and the innovative pilot up Ma’ale Gilboa to manage a smart grid. 
    • Pumped Storage Power Station. Pump storage is a hydroelectric power plant mainly used as an advanced tool for storing energy. The station operates through two big water reservoirs. The reservoirs, with a volume of 2.7 million cubic meters of water, were built, one at the top of Gilboa and the other in the valley near Kibbutz Reshafim, with a height difference of 500 meters between them. Using a combination of the electricity tariffs and green energy facilities, the station has developed an exciting storage method and optimal energy use. 

Further, visitors will have a chance to understand the natural views of this part of the country.


  • Departure – 09:00 AM from Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem (Conference Venue)
  • Drive through the Jordan Valley to the North in a tourist bus 
  • Guided tour at the Wind Farm
  • Return – 18:00 PM (estimated) back to Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem (Conference Venue)

Price per person: $170 (Lunch Included)