Innovation Pavillion - "Greentech" conference 2024

Innovation Pavilion "Greentech" 2024- Your technology, the exposure on us!

Greentech and the EnergyCom community invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to reveal and share your innovative startup with investors and industry leaders in the innovation Pavillion!

At the "Greentech" 2024 conference, which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 17-18, 2024, at the ICC, Jerusalem, a unique opportunity will be given to expose the start-up companies in the fields of renewable energy!

Last submission date : June 30th, 2024

Start Up Sectors


1. Innovation: Look for startups that are creating new and innovative solutions to energy-related problems. This could include new technologies, business models, or approaches to energy management and conservation.2. Impact: Evaluate the potential impact of the startup’s solution on the energy industry and society as a whole. Consider the scale of the problem being addressed and the potential for the solution to be scaled up and adopted widely.3. Viability: Evaluate the financial and technical viability of the startup, including its revenue model, funding sources, and potential for profitability.4. Sustainability: Consider the sustainability of the startup’s solution, both in terms of environmental impact and long-term viability.
5. Team: Consider the experience and expertise of the startup’s team members, as well as their track record in the energy industry or related fields.

Participation details

Participation price - 1,500 NIS + VAT

Companies that are selected to be part of the Innovation Pavilion will be eligible to receive:

  • Table stand and 2 chairs
  • One power point
  • Signage with company name and logo
  • 2 exhibitor badges that include access to the exhibition and conference areas (lunch included)